[30], Public high schools of the Instituto de Educación Media Superior del Distrito Federal (IEMS) include:[31], The Otilio Montaño Library is in Tlacoyucan. [4] The borough is divided into three zones: Ajusco-Teuhtli, the lowest elevations, Topilejo-Milpa Alta in the medium range and Cerro-Tlicuaya at the highest elevations. The area’s incorporation into the Federal District of Mexico City began in 1854, when the district was expanded by Antonio López de Santa Anna expanded including part of what is now Milpa Alta. However, only sixteen of these species are still commonly seen because of habitat destruction. The community also sponsors reforestation events. Despite the younger generation’s higher education, many still participate in the family business. [6] Traditional housing among the Nahuas is of adobe, but these are being replaced by cement and cinderblock constructions. There is a dual system of government, administrative and agricultural, with the latter mostly tasked with the administration of common lands. [5], Although there are various primary schools, two technical middle schools and two high school (one a vocational school run by the Instituto Politécnico Nacional), Milpa Alta has the highest adult illiteracy rate at 5.6%. Another important structure is the former headquarters of the Liberation Army of the South, now a museum. Shipper (Original Format) PINGYANG HAOLI IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD … 03:45:23. Milpa Alta is one of the 16 alcaldías into which Mexico's capital, Mexico City is divided. Traditional handcrafts include embroidered clothing and articles made from maguey fiber (ixtle). This is made principally for weekend sales for traditional markets and street stands in most of Mexico City. MOOM631123CA4. Acrobat Reader, The borough of Milpa Alta is located in the southeast of the Federal District of Mexico City bordering the boroughs of Xochimilco, Tláhuac and Tlalpan, with the state of Morelos to the south and the State of Mexico to the west. [10], With a population of 130,592 as of 2010[update], Milpa Alta has the lowest population of Mexico City’s sixteen boroughs. These are created from the grinding and blending of twenty or more ingredients, which always include a variety of chili peppers. [3][4] San Agustin Ohtenco is considered to be the smallest community in the Federal District of Mexico City. 172 p.p. La delegación Milpa Alta tiene el primer lugar de suicidios en jóvenes y el segundo a nivel nacional, derivado del consumo excesivo de alcohol entre este sector, afirmó la directora del Instituto de la Juventud de la Ciudad de México, Fernanda Olvera Cabrera. Organizationally, it was considered to be a district of Xochimilco. [6] The restaurants in San Pedro Atocpan also specialize in mole and receive about 8,000 customers each week. [10] However, it is part of Greater Mexico City . Eighty percent of the species live in the area year round. [6][14] There are also efforts to preserve and promote the use of the language in the borough. [6], The Franciscans were in charge of evangelization, naming Our Lady of the Assumption as patron. [5][8] Production of corn began to decrease in the mid 20th century. [34], La Casona is one of the most important civil buildings in Milpa Alta both because of its construction and because of its history. Here Emiliano Zapata ratified the Plan of Ayala on July 19, 1914. It lies in the southeast corner of the nation's capital, bordering the State of Mexico and Morelos. The main access roads to the borough are the federal highway connecting the south of the city with Oaxtepec in Morelos, the highway connecting San Pablo-Xochimilco and the Tulyehualco-Milpa Alta road. [16] Day of the Dead is celebrated in the borough with altars, the cleaning and decorating of gravesites, masses and vigils like many other places in Mexico but it is also celebrated with the release of sky lanterns in communities such as San Agustin Ohtenco, as well as publicly held events such as concerts, the creation of monumental paper mache skulls and even Mesoamerican ball games. D.F. b lasts a week. [5] The two major problems associated with this is illegal settlements or squatting on common land and illegal logging. Fuente: Elaborado por la DEOyGE con base en información recopilada por los órganos desconcentrados del IEDF y DERFE-IFE, Lista Nominal con fecha de corte al 18 de mayo de 2009. Comp. [5][9] Villa Milpa Alta has seven barrios, San Mateo (the largest), La Concepción, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, San Agustin, Santa Martha and La Luz. [29] It also hosts an annual Pantomime, Clown and Circus Festival sponsored by the city’s secretary of culture. [27], Even more important is the creation of pastes and powders to make mole sauce. [6] The areas with the most festivals and other events are San Francisco Tecoxpa, San Pedro Atocpan, San Lorenzo Tlacoyucan, San Salvador Cuauhtenco, Santa Ana Tlacotenco, San Pablo Ozotepec, San Agustín Ohtenco, Villa Milpa Alta, San Jerónimo Miacatlán and San Juan Tepanahuac. The windiest months are February and March. [3] Other important crops include corn, beans, animal feed, fava beans, peas and honey. [6], One important processed food in Milpa Alta is the making of barbacoa, sheep meat cooked in a pit oven lined with maguey leaves. . Incluye información sobre naturalizados y/o doble nacionalidad. Milpa Alta is one of the 16 alcaldías into which Mexico's capital, Mexico City is divided. Another educational and cultural institution is the Fábrica de Artes y Oficio Milpa Alta. In 2012, this event celebrated the town’s 480th anniversary. [23], Reorganization of the Federal District of Mexico City created the modern borough, with the government in Villa Milpa Alta in 1929. Read the article again and choose the correct option. [16] The most important saint day in the entire borough is that of Our Lady of the Assumption in August. De los 137,927 habitantes de Milpa Alta 67,151 (48.7%) son hombres y 70,776 (51.3%) son mujeres; ocupando el 1.5% de la población total de la Ciudad de México. In 1528, a peace pact was made with these people and the following year, Spanish authorities acknowledge their right to own land and have local governors; however, they were required to pay tribute to the Spanish and convert to Christianity. b is just one example of Milpa Alta traditions. [32], Public transportation includes thirteen major bus route connecting the borough to Metro Tasqueña, Metro Tlahuac, the Central de Abastos, La Merced Market, Xochimilco and Santa Martha Acatitla, along with 23 smaller routes which are operated by private contractors. [4] City officials have classified the entire borough as a conservation zone, important for its role as an aquifer recharge area as well as its forests. [4], Most of the borough’s landmarks are churches and chapels dating from the colonial period. c takes a week to get ready. como Área de Conservación. [4], The area has a number of species found nowhere else. In 1570, the monastery and church of the Assumption was begun, taking a century to construct. IEDF - Instituto Electoral del Distrito Federal - Sistema de Consulta de los Resultados de la Estadística de los Comités Ciudadanos y Consejos de los Pueblos 2010 - SCREC 2010 . Para poder ver apropiadamente este sitio requiere tener instaladas las aplicaciones de It is the second of its type in the Federal District of Mexico City, patterned after the successful Fábrica de Artes y Oficios Oriente in Iztapalapa. [5][8] Main communities in the borough include San Pedro Atocpan, Villa Milpa Alta (formerly called Malacachtepec), San Bartolome Xicomulco, San Francisco Tecoxpa, Santa Ana Tlacotenco, San Lorenzo Tlacoyucan, San Juan Tepanahuac, San Agustin Ohtenco, San Antonio Tecómitl, San Pablo Oztotepec and San Jerónimo Miacantla. The purpose of the event is to promote the circus arts. Los datos comerciales sobre el Monroy/Ostria/Martin. [3] In 1914 this army marched to Mexico City from the state of Morelos against the regime of Victoriano Huerta. The Fair of the Prickly pear, which Milpa Alta happens in Villa, takes place in June of every year. Fuente: Elaborado por la DEOyGE con base en información recopilada por los órganos desconcentrados del IEDF y DERFE-IFE, Lista Nominal con fecha de corte al 18 de mayo de 2009. [14] Its one of the few places left in the city with Nahuatl speaking communities, with 4,007 people speaking an indigenous language as of 2010[update]. The first of these is the Parish of the Assumption of Mary constructed in the 16th century along with its former monastery in Villa Milpa Alta. 14386 • M�xico, [4], While named after Villa Milpa Alta, the borough is not concentrated on a single community like Tlahuac or Xochimilco but rather is composed of twelve main towns all of which are rural. [21], The name Milpa Alta means “high cornfield.” “Alta” means high in Spanish and “milpa” is a Mexican Spanish word from Nahuatl referring to cornfields interspersed with other crops such as squash and maguey. Milpa Alta. At this time several lakeside docks, a ceremonial center, barracks and tribute collections centers were constructed, remnants of which remain. This limits the area’s connectivity with the urban zone of Mexico City. [10] In the 1970s, this process began to hasten. Forest, farmland and grazing areas constitute 98.1% of the total surface area. [3][15], The indigenous of this area, allied with the Aztecs, struggled against the Spanish for about 100 years before being subdued. Inicio; Entidad; Delegación; Colonias; MILPA ALTA. Most agriculture is still done with traditional methods with only those of greater resources using machinery such as tractors. Ethnic Nahuas are found in all of the borough’s main towns. It is followed by the Concurso Nacional de Globos y Faroles de Papel de China and the Encuentro Internacional de Constructores de Globos de Papel in San Agustin Ohtenco and San Antonio Tecomitl in November. [10] About three thousand sheep are slaughtered and prepared as barbacoa each week in Milpa Alta,[10] but barbacoa is increasingly being made with sheep meat imported from Australia, New Zealand and the United States as it is cheaper than that produced in Mexico. [3] The Nahua name for the area is Momochco Malacateticpac, which means “place of altars surrounded by mountains.” This name is derived from the various volcanoes in the area. Other colonial era churche/chapels include Nuestra Señora de la Concepción Chapel (1767), Santa Cruz Chapel, San Agustín el Alto Chapel (16th century), San Francisco de Asís Chapel (16th century), San Jeronimo Chapel (16th century), San Juan Bautista Chapel (16th, 17th and 19th centuries), San Lorenzo Martir Chapel (1605), Calvario Hermitage (16th and 17th centuries), San Pablo Apostol Parish (16th can 17th centuries), La Lupita Chapel (16th century), San Pedro Apostol Church (17th century), San Martin Chapel (16th and 17th centuries), Santa María de Guadalupe Chapel (16th and 17th centuries), San Francisco Chapel (16th century), Divino Salvador Chapel (16th century), Nuestra Señora de Santa Ana Parish (17th century) and the San Bartolome Chapel (17th century). [3] It has the second largest territorial extension after Tlalpan, occupying 268.6km2. Shipper. Pulque is produced for local consumption. 74 GACETA OFICIAL DE LA CIUDAD DE MÉXICO 29 de Junio de 2018 DELEGACIÓN MILPA ALTA MARÍA DEL CARMEN SALAZAR ALVARADO, Directora General de Desarrollo Social en Milpa Alta, con fundamento en los artículos 87, 112 y 117 del Estatuto de Gobierno del Distrito Federal; 15 fracción IV, 36, 37 fracción VII de la Ley de Planeación del [4] Wildlife includes 59 species of mammals such as zacatuche rabbits (Romerolagus diazi), which in danger of extinction, along with coyotes, deer, lynx and moles. Pingyang Haoli Imp. [15] However, towns such as San Pedro Atocpan were municipalities in the State of Mexico in the 19th century. The last is the Noche de Luces (Night of Lights) in San Francisco Tecoxpa in late November. It is the second largest and most rural of all the boroughs with the lowest population. Carnival is celebrated in San Lorenzo Tlacoyucan, San Antonio Tecómitl, San Pablo Oztotepec and Villa Milpa Alta. [6][11] Recently a technological institute called the Instituto Technológico de Milpa Alta was opened. En esta delegaci�n se consideraron 44 secciones. [5], It has an average altitude of 2,420 meters above sea level with altitudes varying between 2,300 and 3,600. [5], While part of the Federal District, most residents still talk about Mexico City as a separate entity. � Elaborado por la Dirección Ejecutiva de Organización y Geografía Electoral/IEDF. [3][15] The main producer of mole in the borough is San Pedro Atocpan, with almost all its residents involved in its production in some way. Traditional medicine is still practiced by a number of Nahuas in combination with modern medicine. Both of these are most serious in San Salavador Cuauhtenco, where squatters who have been there for years demand regularization and services and enforcers of environmental laws are threatened by residents. 4 Pilgrims to the holy cave … a … Un lugar de identidad", "Milpa Alta, un rincón "olvidado" de la capital", "Secretaria de Turismo DF anuncia ferias en Milpa Alta", "Celebran con globos de cantoya a los difuntos en Milpa Alta", "La Semana Santa en Milpa Alta, Distrito Federal", "Invitan a degustar pulque en Milpa Alta", "Milpa Alta celebra 480 años de su fundación", "Zapata y su paso por Milpa Alta, Distrito Federal", "Ven peligroso vigilar bosques de Milpa Alta", "Milpa Alta, Tláhuac, Iztapalapa y A. Obregón, las delegaciones más pobres", "Ven Milpa Alta Te Espera, Disfruta de… Esquisitos sabores ancestrales", "3ER. One way of doing this is through ecotourism on tribal land including guided hikes, zip lines, temazcals and camping. [18], Secular events include the Festival of Corn and Pulque in San Antonio Tecomitl in September,[19] Feria de la Nieve (Ice Cream Fair) in San Antonio Tecomitl in March, Feria Ganadera, Gastronómica y Artesanal (Livestock, Gastronomy and Handcraft Fair) in San Pablo Ozotepec in April, the Festival de Juegos Autóctonos celebrating native toys in San Juan Tapanáhuac,[16] the annual fair of San Lorenzo Tlacoyucan in August,[20] and the entire borough celebrates the founding of Villa Milpa Alta on 22 August with a Regional fair and lighting of a New Fire in the crater of the Teutli volcano. It was constructed at the end of the 19th century and was the home of Rafael Coronel. [13] In addition, there are approximately 250 rural settlements with populations each of less than 1,000. It is also one of the most traditional areas of the city, with over 700 religious and secular festivals during the year and an economy based on agriculture and food processing, especially the production of nopal cactus, barbacoa and mole sauce. [15] This caused many of the indigenous here to abandon their lands and hide in the mountains, making incursions into Spanish held territory to plunder. [34], Coordinates: 19°11′32″N 99°01′23″W / 19.19222°N 99.02306°W / 19.19222; -99.02306, Instituto de Educación Media Superior del Distrito Federal, Escuela Preparatoria Milpa Alta "Emiliano Zapata", "PLAN DELEGACIONAL PARA EL DESARROLLO RURAL SUSTENTABLE", "Agricultura y tenencia de la tierra en Milpa Alta. [8][24], Milpa Alta is officially classed as one of the poorest in the Federal District by income, with 48.6% considered to be below the poverty line. [25] However it is also considered to have a low level of socioeconomic marginalization. The rugged terrain presents a number of micro climates which favor certain species. [15], The Nahuas are primarily Catholic with a number of indigenous beliefs still remaining and blended in. [6] The most important crop is the nopal cactus, with fields found just about everywhere including spaces between houses in the towns. They formed settlements in what is now the borough in places such as Malacatepec Momoxco, Ocotenco, Texcalapa, Tototepec, Tepetlacotanco, Huinantongo and Tlaxcomulco. [26] The most important barbacoa producing area is Barrio San Mateo in Villa Milpa Alta. [6] There is a telegraph office, a post office and various city agencies. [4], The recorded history of the area begins around 1240 when a Chichimeca group migrated into the Valley of Mexico from the north and founded the Malacachtepec Momozco dominion. Its success has also allowed barbacoa families to gain a certain amount of prestige in the community. The capital of this dominion was centered on the town of Milpa Alta, in what are now the Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, San Mateo and Santa Martha neighborhoods with the name of Malacatepec Momoxco. Inicio; Entidad; Delegación; Colonias; MILPA ALTA. [6] Other important religious events include the passion play, held jointly by the towns of San Francisco Tecoxpa, San Pedro Atocpan, San Lorenzo Tlacoyucan and San Antonio Tecómitl and requires six months of preparations. México, esq. This has facilitated problems such as illegal logging and irregular homesteading. The event involves over sixty actors, all residents of the borough chosen yearly. It lies in the southeast corner of the nation's capital, bordering the State of Mexico and Morelos. LN Composición de la Lista Nominal, niveles de participación y proporción de votantes por sexo y grupos de edad en Milpa Alta Its function is to provide cultural and entertainment options to residents as well as classes in various arts and trades. EL TURISMO EN LA CIUDAD DE MÉXICO. The current tradition was started in 1905, although it was suspended during the Mexican Revolution. Datos. [3] Most of this production is done in families or small cooperatives. The mole sauces made are of various types such as rojo, verde, almendrado and about twenty others with trademarks. It begins with the Festival Multicultural de Globos de Cantolla (Multicultural Festival of Sky Lanterns) in September in Santa Ana Tlacotenco, with the main event of 3000 lanterns launched at once. Derechos reservados 2010, Instituto Electoral del Distrito Federal � 2010 • (. On the Koppen scale, its climate is described as C (W2) (w) b (i’) which signified a relatively moist climate, with a rainy season in the summer especially in July and August. Palm Sunday in San Agustin el Alto, the Asunción parish to the main church in Villa Milpa Alta for Good Friday . [22] In 1903, the Federal District of Mexico City was expanded to include the rest of Milpa Alta. [6] The current community struggles to maintain its identity and culture and to prevent being absorbed into the urban sprawl of Mexico City. Consignee Tax Number. The area formed a strategic point controlling the road between Tenochtitlan and Oaxtepec and Cuernavaca. [3] These main towns are subdivided into twenty nine neighborhoods called barrios and there are 225 communities in the borough total. [6] The average annual temperature is 15.6 °C (60.1 °F) with average lows at 13.7 °C (56.7 °F) and averages highs at 16.6 °C (61.9 °F). [5], The main economic activities of the borough are agriculture and food processing. [9][11] The use of Nahuatl is widespread in the borough,[15] with the most concentrated in the towns of Santa Ana Tlacotenco, San Lorenzo Tlacoyucan and San Pablo Oztotepec. It is the second largest and most rural of all the boroughs with the lowest population. A notable areas for these two classes of animal is the corridor between the Ajusco and Chichinautzin mountains. [3], The only other industry in Milpa Alta is small handcraft workshops making articles such as leather goods, furniture and textiles. Compared to the rest of the valley area, it had little contact with the Spanish, allowing it to retain much of its indigenous character. Cuaderno Estadístico Delegacional. & Exp. There are twenty four amphibian species from ten classes, seven families and two orders and fifty six species of reptiles from thirty one classes, ten families and two orders. [11] However, it is one of the boroughs in the city that conserves many of its traditional religious festivals, with about 700 per year, about two per day somewhere in the borough. It can take up to three if traffic is bad, but lately, the subway made close Milpa Alta to the rest of the city via Tecomitl. Estas son los datos sociológicos y estadísticas de población del municipio de Milpa Alta (en el Estado de Distrito Federal), para que usted pueda conocerlo y analizarlo mejor::: Población total: 130582 habitantes:: Población masculina: 64192 hombres:: Población femenina: 66390 mujeres:: Ratio mujeres/hombres: 1,034 De igual manera, en el aspecto de las asistencia de jóvenes que radican en Milpa Alta de 15 años y más en educación media superior y superior, comparada con las demás delegaciones, Milpa Alta nuevamente presenta el rezago más alto, en contraste con la delegación Benito Juárez, quien presenta un 74.3%, Milpa Alta alcanza solo el 33.4%. Estadísticas del municipio de Milpa Alta. The natural vegetation is mostly forest with a mix of pine, oyamel fir and holm oak, with some concentrations of Abies religiosa. [20], The borough is home to four significant balloon events, which together are called the Magic Route of Light. [6] There are about 200 bird species native to the area in 128 classes, 33 families and eleven orders. [6] and few people migrate out. [11] these fairs and festivals bring 1,200,000 visitors each year to the borough. [4], The area belongs to the Amacuzac River basin but only small streams run on the surface. [6] It has little in the way of commerce and services, with no large chain stores, few banks, no movie theaters or little else in the way of entertainment. ... Perfil de la empresa Mexico ... MONROY/OSTRIA/MARTIN NAUTLA/161/BODEGA 3/SAN JUAN XALPA//AV 11 Y BELLAVISTA Milpa Alta, Distrito Federal, 9850 Mexico. [6] Men still hold most of the paying jobs, with most women classed as homemakers, although many of these work in family business, generally for no salary. 33 Y si incluimos a los ejidos, sumarían un total de 27 995 hectáreas. c started as a way of using up extra corn in Milpa Alta. [17] Holy Week is very important in the borough, especially the Passion Play held each year to reenact the passion and death of Jesus. Those considered by the government to be urban (with 2010 population figures in parentheses) are: San Antonio Tecómitl (24,397), Villa Milpa Alta (18,274), San Pablo Oztotepec (15,507), San Salvador Cuauhtenco (13,856), San Francisco Tecoxpa (11,456), Santa Ana Tlacotenco (10,593), San Pedro Atocpan (8,283), San Bartolomé Xicomulco (4,340), San Lorenzo Tlacoyucan (3,676), and San Nicolás Tetelco (3,490). The social organization of the area is traditional, based on families headed by a male, nuclear in the towns and extended in the more rural areas. 34. [10] Most of the land is held in common, either in ejidos or other arrangements. [16] Each community in the borough, including the twelve main towns and each of these towns’ neighborhoods has a patron saint celebrated once a year. [4], Most of the area has a temperate climate, with cold climates found at the highest elevations. Para efectos de la estratificaci�n y su representaci�n en planos, esta cantidad puede variar. Starting in the 1950s, evangelical movements such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses have made inroads into the area. [3][4], The terrain is rugged mostly consisting of volcanic peak along with some small flat areas mostly formed in the Cenozoic Era. Most of these have to do with the agricultural cycle, often represented by veneration to the saints. Freezing temperatures occur occasionally from October to March especially in the higher elevations. The main event is the culinary exhibition of dishes made with the vegetable along with cultural, social, sporting and artistic events. [26][28] The Feria Nacional del Mole occurs each year in San Pedro Atocpan in October and receives thousands of visitors to the festival site as well as the forty restaurants in the town that serve meats in mole sauce. However, the climate varies substantially in the territory based mostly on altitude, with six sub-climates: C(E)(w2) which is relatively cold, C(E)(m) also relatively cold but wetter, C(w1) a temperate climate, C (w2) a températe and relatively wet climate, C ( w1) temperate and relatively dry and C ( w2) which is relatively cold with rains falling mostly in the highest areas. These micro-basins include Cilcuayo, Río Milpa Alta and Cocpiaxco and contain the borough’s main towns. [9] The discrepancy is likely due to the fact that the economy is based on cash and not all economic activity is reported. Co., Ltd. [14], The borough lacks theaters, shopping centers, supermarkets and hotels. In addition it supports the customs and traditions of the twelve indigenous communities found in the borough. [3], After Independence, the area was initially part of the State of Mexico. [9][11] About half of the borough’s residents live in or near Villa Milpa Alta and about eighty percent are under forty. There is a problem with the lack of formal titles to land, which has allowed irregular settlements. The most intact forest is found in the small canyons of the Nepanapa volcano and the west side of the Tláloc volcano. Milpa alta is sedate of two important festivals related to the food. IEDF - Instituto Electoral del Distrito Federal - Sistema de Consulta de los Resultados de la Estadística de los Comités Ciudadanos y Consejos de los Pueblos 2010 - SCREC 2010 . 2014-2015 Delegación Milpa Alta PREÁMBULO. Distrito Federal. [33] It takes about two hours by public transportation to travel from the center of Mexico City to Villa Milpa Alta. [11], Most of the borough is accessible by road. LN Composición de la Lista Nominal, niveles de participación y proporción de votantes por sexo y grupos de edad en Milpa Alta Datos. From here the churches of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries were founded. Aspectos Geográficos, Estado y Movimiento de la Población, Vivienda e Infraestructura Básica para los Asentamientos Humanos. The date is changeable. Primera edición. [6] For evangelization purposes, a modest hermitage dedicated to Saint Martha was constructed with later churches constructed in Tlatatlapocoyan and San Lorenzo. [10] It is also one of the city’s most rural and traditional areas. Según datos oficiales, en 2007 la superficie total de tierras comunales en Milpa Alta, sin incluir a los ejidos, es de 26 913 hectáreas, que representan 94.5% de un total de 28 464 hectáreas de superficie. [26] The barbacoa business in the area began in the 1940s and since then has been successful enough to allow many families to send their children to school and become professionals. FESTIVAL DE PANTOMIMA, CLOWN Y CIRCO MILPA ALTA 2012", Inauguración de la biblioteca Otilio Montaño, en Tlacoyucan, "Ven Milpa Alta Te Espera, Disfruta de… Arquítectura Vírreinal", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Milpa_Alta&oldid=970731934, Pages with non-numeric formatnum arguments, Articles with dead external links from February 2012, Articles with dead external links from September 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox settlement with no coordinates, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2010, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles with Spanish-language sources (es), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Av. [3] It has ample surface water but confined to small springs and streams which over time have formed a succession of narrow valleys or micro-basins, which are important for recharging the Valley of Mexico’s aquifers. In 1440, Mexica leader Hueyitlahuilli subdued these settlements and installed a leader. [6], During the Mexican Revolution, the area generally sympathings with the Liberation Army of the South. [13], Before the arrival of the Spanish, the area was dominated by the Nahuas . Medical attention is mostly provided by two large clinics, one administered by UNAM and the other by ISSSTE and various small ones in various towns.
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