On drop eligible streams you’ll see a callout that “drops are enabled”, so you know you are officially watching and earning. ... Guys let me tell you how above the moon I am, I became affiliate back in June and I just received my first twitch payout. warzone streams live on Twitch! Drops Gratis de Warzone mientras miras transmisiones en vivo, aquí te decimos cómo de una manera muy sencilla.. Desde el 29 de Abril hasta el 6 de Mayo se encuentran disponibles los drops para Warzone de Twitch nuevamente, si aún no sabes cómo obtenerlos sigue estos sencillos pasos. The notification that Drops are available will let you know to do this action if you have not already done so, and clicking on it will take you to the developer's page where you can make the connection and/or learn more information about the Drops you can earn. Modern Warfare and Warzone both are featured in this round of Twitch Drops. During the week of August 12 … If the channel is participating in a new Drops system campaign, you will see a message at the top of chat about the Drop campaign and how to earn rewards. Hey all! In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare und Warzone gibt es neue Twitch-Drops. Our new Drops campaigns are a new and fun way to get in-game loot by watching your favorite channels on Twitch! Frame Drops in Warzone! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. Here are my specs. Twitch is once again the home for exclusive rewards in Call of Duty. This is a big deal for me because about a year ago I got diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. Warzone Twitch drops August 2020 brings some new and innovative ways to earn in-game rewards through watching streams. Modern Warfare Twitch drops are now enabled so you can earn rewards by watching streamers. From there, click the stream and enjoy the gameplay. Wenn ihr fleißig auf Twitch schaut, könnt ihr kostenlose Items einsacken. Then, you’ll need to head to Twitch and get a look at the streamers who are playing Modern Warfare including Warzone in the Modern Warfare category. Question. In order to participate in these developer-selected channels, you will need to have your game account linked to your Twitch account.
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